An Update, Finally!

The masses have spoken. They want more of Team Leeth.

Reasons why I haven't posted:

1) I now have a full fledged terror on my hand. Climbing stairs, scaling the walls of his play pen, chasing the dog, taking steps, TERROR! This is occupying a good deal of my time.
2) I am trying to lose some weight and am now donating Wyatt's nap time to exercising. I am feeling better already!
3) My New Year's Resolution was to have a house that is always ready for visitors (expected or not!). Meaning, I am spending what time I am not exercising cleaning! Living in a tidier house is also making me a happier lady!

And now, post excuses, a Wyatt update!

Wyatt's Words:
Dogga (This is Charley, our dog)
NaNaNa (This is no)
Ba Ba (bottle)
Ga DaDa (Grandaddy, my dad)
Buh Buh (Bye-Bye)

I think this is pretty impressive for a not yet 11-month old!

He is also crawling like crazy, able to stand for about 30 seconds unassisted, and he can take one step before falling over! I don't know, is this normal? Am I bragging about my amazing baby for nothing?!

He also does Patty-Cake, claps along to Bingo, and dances like crazy (see the video above!)

Now some family photos!

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Becky said...

Thank you for posting! Your fan club appreciates it!!!