The following jusr occurred. Wyatt pulled his changing pad and wipes onto the floor. He the crawled over to me with a diaper in his mouth, laid down, and put his legs up in the air. Shall I begin potty training my ELEVEN MONTH OLD?????!!!!


An Update, Finally!

The masses have spoken. They want more of Team Leeth.

Reasons why I haven't posted:

1) I now have a full fledged terror on my hand. Climbing stairs, scaling the walls of his play pen, chasing the dog, taking steps, TERROR! This is occupying a good deal of my time.
2) I am trying to lose some weight and am now donating Wyatt's nap time to exercising. I am feeling better already!
3) My New Year's Resolution was to have a house that is always ready for visitors (expected or not!). Meaning, I am spending what time I am not exercising cleaning! Living in a tidier house is also making me a happier lady!

And now, post excuses, a Wyatt update!

Wyatt's Words:
Dogga (This is Charley, our dog)
NaNaNa (This is no)
Ba Ba (bottle)
Ga DaDa (Grandaddy, my dad)
Buh Buh (Bye-Bye)

I think this is pretty impressive for a not yet 11-month old!

He is also crawling like crazy, able to stand for about 30 seconds unassisted, and he can take one step before falling over! I don't know, is this normal? Am I bragging about my amazing baby for nothing?!

He also does Patty-Cake, claps along to Bingo, and dances like crazy (see the video above!)

Now some family photos!



Wyatt and his cousin Payton.


It will be a miracle...

...if the child makes it to his first birthday.

Has it been established that Wyatt is a daring one? Well. He is. Actually, my mother-in-law calls him "payback." Why is it that sons are payback for all the ridiculous things their FATHER put their MOTHER through??? So really, Byron's impish behavior as a child has no repercussions for him but I am rewarded for my angelic childhood with a son who rivals Evil Knievil!

The following happened in a 2 hour span yesterday:

1) Wyatt was sitting in his highchair eating Cheerios and I turned to put something in the oven. When I turned back around he was STANDING in his high chair and leaning over the back of it!!! Lesson here: The high chair cover (with attached safety straps) cannot be washed and allowed to "air-dry" ever again or my son will kill himself.

2) We were giving Wyatt his bath and he decided to play Peek-a-Boo. Wyatt typically plays Peek-a-Boo by going face down into the bed, floor, blanket...wherever we happen to be sitting he just does a little face plant. How do you think that turned out in the tub?! With me screaming, "BYRON HE'S GOING TO DROWN!" Then the kid popped himself right back up grinning and laughing like it was the funniest thing he had ever done in his life.

So here is a warning Wyatt's future wife: Your sons will be holy terrors. Start looking at military schools.


Test Results

We just got the results from Wyatt's bloodwork that was done last week and he is in fact anemic. He has to go on an iron supplement. The doctor recommended mixing it with juice. Now I just have to convince him to like juice.

My dad suffered severe anemia through a portion of my adolesence so when I first got the results (Mind you they were just a bunch of numbers with no word from the doctor yet about what they meant or what I should do) I asked dear old Dad to interpret them for me.

His response:

"Everything seems to be pretty normal except for the HEMATOCRIT is a little low, which can indicate low iron intake, and the RBC is on the bottom end of normal. They are not too far out of range though, so it certainly doesn’t indicate severe anemia like I had, or even moderate anemia. But my best guess is that it might indicate that Wyatt’s iron intake is a little low. My understanding is that this might be somewhat normal for infants when they are going through rapid growth spurts.

Bottom line: I have a cesspool of knowledge, but I’m not an MD. Call your Doctor and ask if you need to do anything different than what you are already doing (I think you are using the formula with an iron supplement already). She may just tell you to continue with that."

UPDATE: Upon hearing the recommendations of the doctor my dad replied, "I concur with Dr. Eley. Based on my review of the lab work I recommend the same treatment. Feel free to send me the results of the repeat blood work in 2-3 months and I will let you know how he is progressing."

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Not just a song by The Animals but apparently my son's new mantra as well.

The following all occurred yesterday:

1) I put Wyatt in his "baby cage" so I could use the restroom. When I came back he had pushed one of his toys to the edge of pen and was standing on it attempting to climb out.

2) While I was making dinner, Wyatt was taking a bath in the sink. This generally works really well because he LOVES baths so it keeps him occupied while I get things ready and I am able to keep an eye on him. However, last night he leaned over the side of the tub that sits in the sink and attempted to stand up and get out. I have video of this but I don't know how to put that on here. If you want to see it ask. It is shocking.

3) After his bath, I took him down to the basement and was changing him on our downstairs changing table. The changing table is attached to a pack n play...one of those space saving all in one things we got when we were still living in our 500 sq foot 1 bedroom apartment (SO glad that is over!) He was tossing back and forth and rolling all around as he always does when I am trying to get a diaper on him. All of a sudden he was (still naked) on hands and knees and halfway off the changing table, leaning into the pack 'n play reaching for a toy. I grabbed him by the ankles before he hurtled himself onto his head.

This is why 9-month-olds, who have no sense of DANGER, should be immobile.