I love clutter!

I'm having a strange day. I'm looking around at the chaos and mess of my house and feeling so incredibly blessed. I know, you're thinking I've gone off the deep end.

The bills piled up on the kitchen counters. The "necessities" of course: water, gas, electricity, mortgage. But other things too that we don't need but are blessed to have the resources to afford.

Toys are EVERYWHERE. It means my child is healthy and able to play. Can a mother ask for much more than that for her child?

Byron's dirty socks are right next to the laundry basket. A sign that someone lives in this house with me and I'm not doing this whole parenting thing alone.

The dishwasher is running but there are still dishes piled high in the sink. First, we have a dishwasher can I get an AMEN! Second, we have the resources to feed ourselves and use those dishes.

And, as ever, the dirty clothes overfloweth.


Officially Potty Training

Wyatt will be two in a week and we've begun potty training this morning. He has been awake for about an hour and we've already had our first accident! Woo Hoo! In all honesty I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I have a Costco size bag of M & Ms and stickers as incentives but other than that I'm pretty much in the dark about how to train a boy. I've never been one to read parenting books (for many reasons) but I'm now wishing I had at least looked at a potty book. Oh well, live and learn.


Don't you hate it when...

...you go to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and realize that you got distracted somewhere along the way and forgot to close the lid on the washer? As if laundry is not tedious enough it just prolongs the entire arduous process. Not many things frustrate me more than seeing those soggy clothes sitting in 2 feet of soapy water just as dirty as they were an hour earlier. It happens almost daily. Gingko Biloba perhaps?


Smarty Pants

This morning Wyatt was doing something he shouldn't. Surprising, I know. We are currently employing the "Count of 3" method. As in, "If you don't stop what you're doing by the time I get to three..."

I heard Byron in the living room. "Wyatt!! Stop!! One....Two...Three..." Then an angelic little voice yelled, "FOUR!"

Hard to be mad at a genius.


Introducing: Owen William!

I feel like Owen didn't get the fanfare he deserved upon his arrival. So he will be getting it now. Six weeks late is better than not at all!

Owen on his birthday. He was born at 1:58 a.m. January 15 weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz.

Owen at 6 weeks. Such a sweet little boy.

Owen is a really laid back little guy. He didn't really have a choice with Wyatt Knievel for a brother! Owen is content to just hang out in his swing or on the couch most of the time. The only time I have heard him really cry was right after he was born. When he wants to eat he just grunts. He eats a LOT! I think he has figured out that eating = Mommy's attention.
He's a sweet little guy and we love him!


Tired of Updating my Facebook Status Every 30 Seconds...

On the off chance that you follow my blog but aren't my Facebook friend a lot has happened since I last wrote. We have a new baby named Owen who was born January 15. He is the spitting image of Wyatt which brings me to the purpose of this missive: The child is driving me INSANE.

I just found a bowl and a set of measuring spoons in the trashcan. Seeing as Byron is at work, Owen cannot move on his own, and the dog lacks opposable thumbs all signs point to WYATT. The child is into everything. I know that comes with the territory of an almost two but coupled with the sleep deprivation a newborn brings my patience is tried terribly. (I mistyped that "tired" originally and considered leaving it because it is also a true statement!)

He has also discovered that he can climb. And so he does. Onto the back of the couch, off the side of the couch, up the stairs, down the stairs. He has bruises everywhere as merit badges for his feats of courage.

Another favorite is hiding things. Usually under the couch. He then crawls under to retrieve them and screams in a truly panic stricken voice, "STUCK! WY WY STUCK!" He is rarely actually stuck but it is a sure fire way to get Mommy to come running. I think there is a method to his madness as he is usually "stuck" when I'm busy with his brother.

And yet, with all the frustration he causes, I can't help but love the little stinker. I guess that is what Motherhood is all about.