Tired of Updating my Facebook Status Every 30 Seconds...

On the off chance that you follow my blog but aren't my Facebook friend a lot has happened since I last wrote. We have a new baby named Owen who was born January 15. He is the spitting image of Wyatt which brings me to the purpose of this missive: The child is driving me INSANE.

I just found a bowl and a set of measuring spoons in the trashcan. Seeing as Byron is at work, Owen cannot move on his own, and the dog lacks opposable thumbs all signs point to WYATT. The child is into everything. I know that comes with the territory of an almost two but coupled with the sleep deprivation a newborn brings my patience is tried terribly. (I mistyped that "tired" originally and considered leaving it because it is also a true statement!)

He has also discovered that he can climb. And so he does. Onto the back of the couch, off the side of the couch, up the stairs, down the stairs. He has bruises everywhere as merit badges for his feats of courage.

Another favorite is hiding things. Usually under the couch. He then crawls under to retrieve them and screams in a truly panic stricken voice, "STUCK! WY WY STUCK!" He is rarely actually stuck but it is a sure fire way to get Mommy to come running. I think there is a method to his madness as he is usually "stuck" when I'm busy with his brother.

And yet, with all the frustration he causes, I can't help but love the little stinker. I guess that is what Motherhood is all about.

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Anonymous said...

Can it be?? You actually updated your blog?!?!?! Yay - the funny stories are back! :-)

Jess Baker