Test Results

We just got the results from Wyatt's bloodwork that was done last week and he is in fact anemic. He has to go on an iron supplement. The doctor recommended mixing it with juice. Now I just have to convince him to like juice.

My dad suffered severe anemia through a portion of my adolesence so when I first got the results (Mind you they were just a bunch of numbers with no word from the doctor yet about what they meant or what I should do) I asked dear old Dad to interpret them for me.

His response:

"Everything seems to be pretty normal except for the HEMATOCRIT is a little low, which can indicate low iron intake, and the RBC is on the bottom end of normal. They are not too far out of range though, so it certainly doesn’t indicate severe anemia like I had, or even moderate anemia. But my best guess is that it might indicate that Wyatt’s iron intake is a little low. My understanding is that this might be somewhat normal for infants when they are going through rapid growth spurts.

Bottom line: I have a cesspool of knowledge, but I’m not an MD. Call your Doctor and ask if you need to do anything different than what you are already doing (I think you are using the formula with an iron supplement already). She may just tell you to continue with that."

UPDATE: Upon hearing the recommendations of the doctor my dad replied, "I concur with Dr. Eley. Based on my review of the lab work I recommend the same treatment. Feel free to send me the results of the repeat blood work in 2-3 months and I will let you know how he is progressing."


Anonymous said...

So here's my advice from first hand experience, since Ella is also anemic. Forget about mixing it with juice, the iron is disgusting and makes the juice disgusting. We've found that it's best just to give the iron in one dose, that way the grossness is over and done with. Of course we have to hold Ella's head and pry her mouth open, but once it's in then it's over, and she can have a cracker or yogurt or whatever she wants to get the taste out. There is is, from one mom to another.

Anne said...

Your dad is a hoot! (Your cute mom's term.) I love that he concurs with the doctor. I also agree with anonymous. :-) Just hold him down and squirt it in.