Feliz Navidad

So Christmas has OFFICIALLY hit Casa de Leeth.

Byron and I MAY have had an agreement that I would not get the Christmas things out until after Thanksgiving. So my solution to that ridiculous rule was to just do it really gradually.

For instance, 2 weekends ago we were at the Mart (Wal-Mart for those of you not down with the lingo) when I reminded my darling husband that last year we had to settle for disgusting wrapping paper because we waited too long and anything remotely free of Bratz girlz/Barbie/Ninja Turtles was long gone. So we bought some. And then I wrapped a bunch of things (like baby clothes that are still too big for my petite son..he doesn't know he is supposed to get good stuff yet) and kind of just left them sitting in a pile...Already Christmassy!

THEN, the Christmas dishes made their way into the cupboard.

Next, on a trip to Kohl's (because they were having an awesome toy sale) I accidentally bought a snowman bath mat and soap dispenser which are now cheerfully sitting in our half-bath.

Yesterday, I rearranged the living room furniture to make room for the Christmas tree. So now the corner looks very lonely and barren. Even Byron thinks it needs a little Christmas cheer.

Today, I actually had the guts to hang Christmas lights up in the kitchen. It looks AWESOME. Like a Mexican cantina. Perhaps I need chili pepper lights for authenticity. Oh wait, I already convinced Byron we needed those 2 years ago. Ole!

This photo (taken at South of the Border in 2006) reminds me of a funny story from my freshman year of college actually. I think it was probably no later than October and I was already feeling festive. I had my mini-tree sitting on my desk with all its mini-ornaments. Jose Feliciano was gaily singing "Feliz Navidad." I was so moved by his exuberant wishes for a Merry Christmas that I felt compelled to join in. I stood up in my desk chair belting it out with him. At that EXACT moment a tour group of prospective students walked into my room to see what a typical dorm looked like. They were greeted with me, in my pajamas, wrapped in a blanket toga style, standing in my desk chair, singing Feliz Navidad, in October. Do you think any of them wound up at Mary Wash?


Byron said...

Things I wish I'd known prior to saying "I do"............aye dios mio!

Anne Z. said...

I am so amused! And I think that Philip Eugene Zapanta would agree, that is sounds like something that would happen to me. Clero que si!
Anne Perkins Charbeneau Zapanta