I'm Don Wingard and I do What I Want

For those of you who have never had the great fortune of meeting my dad, the man is a piece of work. A hilarious piece of work.
My mom has not been feeling well so we had my dad over for dinner last night. Can I just say how proud I was that I successfully made an edible meal on an evening we had company? It seems like every time someone is over something goes horribly wrong and they are presented with a pile of slop a pig would turn its nose up at.

But back to my dad.

He informed that he is now listening to Don Imus on his way to work.
"I really hate Don Imus. Really hate him. If I was on a desert island with Don Imus [pause] Adolf Hitler and [pause] Osama Bin Laden and I had a gun with only two bullets [pause, pause, exaggerated thinking face] I'd shoot Imus twice."
Look how even at 6 weeks old Wyatt is saying, "Is this guy for REAL?!"

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Anonymous said...

Your dad cracks me up!!! You should blog about his favorite saying, "You can't hide money"...that would be entertaining. Especially he says it with a slight southern accent and hide comes out more like "hiiide". Apparently me buying the cheapest Ford car made, "you can't hide money", and you staying in a LaQuinta Inn, "you can't hide money"...

Jess Baker