Top Ten Reasons Baby Gap is Actually Crazy.

I entered Wyatt in Gap's Casting Call and they had the nerve to NOT select him. Following are ten reasons why they made a huge mistake. (Does anyone else enjoy Arrested Development? If so, read that as though Gob said it.)

And now the top ten reasons why Wyatt would have been an awesome Gap model.

10. Wyatt knows how to kick back and relax.

9. He's not anorexic.

8. Good personal hygiene is a must for those in the fashion industry.

7. He has his own wheels.

6. He is brave. Still smiling despite the imminent threat of bear attack.

5. He emotes. This one is "surprise."

4. He looks good in black and white.

3. Ladies love bad boys. And Wyatt's done hard time.

2. That's where he learned to be all gangsta.

1. Because he is adorable and this is the photo I submitted to the contest:

I rest my case Baby Gap.

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Anonymous said...

You were totally right! He should've won hands down.