It will be a miracle...

...if the child makes it to his first birthday.

Has it been established that Wyatt is a daring one? Well. He is. Actually, my mother-in-law calls him "payback." Why is it that sons are payback for all the ridiculous things their FATHER put their MOTHER through??? So really, Byron's impish behavior as a child has no repercussions for him but I am rewarded for my angelic childhood with a son who rivals Evil Knievil!

The following happened in a 2 hour span yesterday:

1) Wyatt was sitting in his highchair eating Cheerios and I turned to put something in the oven. When I turned back around he was STANDING in his high chair and leaning over the back of it!!! Lesson here: The high chair cover (with attached safety straps) cannot be washed and allowed to "air-dry" ever again or my son will kill himself.

2) We were giving Wyatt his bath and he decided to play Peek-a-Boo. Wyatt typically plays Peek-a-Boo by going face down into the bed, floor, blanket...wherever we happen to be sitting he just does a little face plant. How do you think that turned out in the tub?! With me screaming, "BYRON HE'S GOING TO DROWN!" Then the kid popped himself right back up grinning and laughing like it was the funniest thing he had ever done in his life.

So here is a warning Wyatt's future wife: Your sons will be holy terrors. Start looking at military schools.


Darla Tomes said...

I'm sure his future wife would start looking at military schools right now, but she's currently still pooping her pants :-)

I'll have to set him up with one of my nieces. Now will Wyatt like little Chloe May (my namesake in both name and behavior who would also be an older woman by about 2 years) or the yet to be born one due in just 3 months, who I'm sure will be a meek child who will be able to get no attention behind Carter and Chloe!

jen glick said...

Too funny!! I also have wondered how come I have to pay for Jeff's past childhood. I hear Travis is just like his daddy at that age. He is so lovey one moment then the next he will be the most obstinate child I have ever seen.