We have established that Byron was having a bad week have we not? So of course it had to get worse right? Those are just the rules of life. On Friday morning we left for Indiana. Our car mayyyy have backed into another car in a McDonald's parking lot somewhere in Ohio. Do you like how political I am being in not saying who was driving? It may have been me but think carefully about which of the 3 Leeths is having the terrible week. Luckily, there was no damage and the owner of the other car just waved us on.
When we arrived at Grandma Dottie's house it was such a relief! What else could happen? The answer: 2 flat tires. There was a nail in one and a hole in the other apparently. I am just glad that we got that far! Our hotel was literally right next to a Wal-Mart with a tire center. We were seriously panicked about how much it was going to cost but they were able to patch one of the tires and replace the other with our full-sized spare for only $19. AMAZING!
The rest of the trip went as well as a trip for a funeral could go. Wyatt got to spend a lot of time with his grandparents, Aunt Tara, and his cousins. He had fun with all the kids and all the new toys that Grandma kept finding at Dollar General!

We got back from Indiana last night in a pretty uneventful trip. There was a bit of snow along the way in West Virginia and Maryland. Wyatt stared out the window at it and seemed to be thinking, "What IS that stuff??"

We picked Charley up last night and she was oh so happy to see Wyatt. She is starting to like him infinitely more since he has started self-feeding finger foods. Especially since he is not very good at it so she gets LOTS of treats.

As we were at my parents, my dad informed me that my mom has a lot of airline miles that are expiring. He was looking through the choice of magazines and has decided on People en Espanol. The rationale:

"What a great way to learn Spanish! There are lots of pictures so I'll definitely be able to figure out what's going on. I can look at a picture of Jennifer Lopez and then see the caption and I will learn how to say 'big butt' in Spanish! Won't that be great?!"

I can see how knowing how to say big butt in Spanish will come in reallllly handy in the future. He will be able to trash-talk with the best of them?

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