The Leeths in Blogland

This is not my first foray into the blogosphere but I'm hoping to show a little more sticktoitness (a word I have now made up) this time.

So, what's new with the Leeths?

Well, Wyatt is 7 months today. He has his sixth tooth just under the gum. Am I the only one who thinks he is way too little to have 6 teeth? It seems that this past week he has had a new tooth every time I've looked into his tiny little mouth. No wonder he has been such a cranky kid. Additionally, he is doing a strange variation of crawling. Not the conventional crawl but effective enough for him to terrorize the dog. I also learned the hard way that the dog's food and water dish will need to find a new home when Wyatt tumped them over on the kitchen floor.

Byron has been at his (I can't tell you or I'll have to kill you) job for 3 years now. And at 25 my career is paused to raise a family. That seems so crazy to me. I feel like we were in college yesterday and yet here we are married with a baby...insane.

And now I will reward you my new readers with some cuteness:

I love that my darling son was able to tear himself away from his little frog mirror to pose for this shot. It is almost like he knows that he is adorable isn't it? Oh, vanity you strike so young.

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