Manic Monday Indeed!

This past Monday poor Byron's day got off to a rough, but hilarious, start. If you'll recall, there was quite a nip in the air and the car windshield on my beautiful 1995 Toyota Camry was completely frosted over. As I finished fixing Byron's coffee, lunch, breakfast, etc. he went out to start up the car and scrape the windshield.

Suddenly, as I peered out the kitchen window I saw him gesticulating like a mad man. You see, a fatal flaw with my dear Camry is that the doors lock automatically when the car is started. I assumed that Byron had locked himself out of the car which wouldn't be a problem if he had not already lost the second set of keys a couple of months ago. Needless to say, I was already looking for the USAA roadside assistance number when he came back into the house.

I already knew we were in trouble (remember, the car is running with the keys locked inside) but I was hilariously shocked when he slammed the car door handle down on the kitchen counter. I would have suggested he go easier with the steroids but it would not have fallen on amused ears.

As Byron called to get someone to come jimmy the lock I went out to get a few things out of our other car that had been left the night before. As I stood next to our running car I thought to myself, "Self, might as well give the door handle a little tug."


I am not even kidding you! I am like Wonder Woman! Actually though, the only door that was locked was the driver's door. And I guess all the passenger doors were still stuck from the freeze. Byron claims it was a miracle. That's right, he says the doors to the car miraculously unlocked.

All I know is that listening to Byron call the towing company back and telling them that his wife got the door open with her brute strength is something I would have loved to hear!


jeff said...

Very funny! Gotta find those spares :)
Good luck with your blog! I started one MANY years ago. spent about 2 weeks on the layout, and then made maybe 2 posts before I lost interest. Although you do have MUCH more going on than I ever did. Ill be checking it!

bree said...

I always knew you were part super hero due to your super hero parents, but this is definately the icing on the cake. Congrats to Byron and his "secretive" job success. Finally, little baby Wyatt is as adorable as ever!
Our family misses you like crazy and can't wait until we meet up again-probably at MeMaw's!

Leigh Ann said...

Beth -

Apparently the breaking door handles is a fatal flaw of mid-90s camrys. Nathan replaced 3 on our 94 when we were still living in FL and friends of ours had the same thing happen on their 95. Seems that it was fixed by 96 though, because we haven't had the same problem on our other Camry. (Yes, we were a 2 Camry family for many years)

Welcome to the blogworld!

Leigh Ann